Funds at NYSE Euronext

The majority of the open-ended investment funds available to individual investors at NYSE Euronext are traded on the Euronext Fund Service, which was listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam in February 2007.

The Euronext Fund Service model was designed in close consultation with the Netherlands' financial regulatory authority and the fund industry's representative organizations: DUFAS (the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association) and the NVB (the Netherlands Bankers’ Association) on behalf of the fund distributors and the brokers.

Closed-ended investment funds, and funds listed on markets other than NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, are traded on NSC (Nouveau Système de Cotation) via the standard model. This model is similar to the equity market model.

For investors, the main advantage of listed investment funds lies in knowing the value of their Net Asset Value, which enables investors to buy or sell at prime conditions. 

A complete list of all the funds available to investors on NYSE Euronext along with up-to-date price information can be found here. - Markets Lisbon - Markets Lisbon

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